Overview and Introduction to our team 

Maxilube Speciality Lubricants

Established in 2008, Maxilube Speciality Lubricants was introduced into the Industry being proud distributors for Petro Canada and Anderol, focusing on Food Grade Lubricants and degreasers for Food Manufacturing .
2013 saw Maxilube obtain the Sole Distribution Agency to Kluber Lubrication S.A for Western Cape. Focusing on speciality OEM approved products for OEM machinery across all Industries. This partnership expanded Maxilube’s footprint into many more sectors.
2016 the company expanded, moved premises and a new partnership was introduced to focus on Marine and Aviation. ExxonMobil, Shell Marine Habot oil, Brugarolus (Spain) and Nyco (France) became part of Maxilube’s portfolio.
2019 saw Maxilube partner with ExxonMobil Industrial Lubricants, this partnership has allowed Maxilube access to locally blended Industrial Mobil products under license from ExxonMobil UK. Having a license to blend locally allows the once ‘imported’ product to now be available at a far lower cost without compromising the quality of the product.
Maxilube Speciality lubricants prides itself on the excellent service deliverability of reputable lubricant and fuel brands with local and international blending plants. Maxilube has a full complement of products to satisfy all industries.


Maxilube is a market leader providing value-added lubricants services to our customers for the most appropriate applications in their sector.
We endeavor to create successful partnerships with our customers throughout the selling process resulting in mutually beneficial relationships that will endure over time. By gaining trust through providing exceptional technical support and service, we strive to become the preeminent supplier in the segment of the market in which our customers operate.
Technical training and personal growth opportunities for staff are areas of significant focus, creating ever-increasing competencies for and amongst our people.

Meet our INCREDIBLE team

Astrid Ferreira

Sales & Technical Manager

Jose Ferreira

Finance Manager

Carmen Abrahams

Sales Representitive

Monique Tarentaal 

Executive Office Administrator

Yvonne Moosa

Warehouse Supervisor

Joe Ferreira

Transport & Distribution

Henry Abrahams 

Transport & Distribution

Jade Ebrahim

Warehouse Assistant

Ricardo Tiago

Warehouse Assistant

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We love hearing back from our clients

Below are a few select reviews that we have received
Maxilube has been supplying us since it's operation opened. Besides being a local company, they carry all the food certified lubrication we require for our audits. We receive nothing short of excellent service from Astrid and her team. – Lance Galant
Maxilube is, and has been our preferred supplier of choice since 2014. Astrid and her team deliver exceptional service delivery. Maxilube have helped us after hours and over weekends when we have had breakdowns or emergencies. They are always prepared to go the extra mile. - Corne Beukes
Maxilube has supplied us with oils and lubricants since 2015. The relationship started when we urgently needed hydraulic oil after hours one weekend to repair a vessel that had to sail. After trying many suppliers without success, we reached Astrid on her mobile phone from a Google search, and, despite the company being closed, and despite Maxilube never having had a prior business relationship with us, Astrid and her team saved the day, and have provided us with excellent service ever since. - Patrick Kamerman